Materials and joinery

materialsFor our outdoor furniture we use an African hardwood called iroko, which has technical specifications very similar to those of teak. It varies from yellow- to golden-brown in colour and has a beautiful and subtly patterned grain.

We generally recommend that our outdoor furniture is left "natural", but if required it can be oiled, varnished or painted a colour (for further details, see "Weathering' and Maintenance").

For interior furniture, we can of course use whichever timber is preferred by the client, with any number of finishes, depending of the desired effect. In general, however, we tend to work with African mahogany, stained and varnished according to the client's requirements.

If hinges, screws or other metal components are required, we use only stainless steel or brass accessories. Where screws need to be used, they are generally recessed and dowelled so that they are not visible on the finished item of furniture.

For all our furniture, we use only traditional methods of joinery, such as mortice and tenon joints, reinforced with top quality waterproof wood glue.

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