maintenanceOur furniture is built to last a lifetime. It is not necessary to maintain the furniture at all - it will remain durable and robust - although of course in time the wood will age and get an increasingly weathered look.

If one does feel the need for a bit of maintenance, one can oil the furniture every few months with a good quality exterior oil (such as Danish oil). This does darken the silver-grey colour and change the look, but it will in time revert to the silver-grey as the oil is absorbed.

If a varnished look is required, we recommend the use of a wood preservative called Rubbol, which gives a rich lustrous finish. While it does preserve the wood very well, it requires sanding and reapplication every year or two.

For painted furniture, we use Plascon Velvaglo, which is very resistant to the elements. This would need to be sanded and reapplied about every five years.

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